About Me

Also known as baseq.

Computer Science Undergraduate Student at Cal Poly Pomona.

I'm a person with many interests—security, esports, and music to name a few. This blog exists as a way for me to share my passions with others.

I represent my university at security competitions as the captain of the CCDC team and co-captain of the CPTC team. I serve as the vice president of operations at Students With an Interest in the Future of Technology where I try to spread my knowledge and experience to the community.


  • Associate of (ISC)2

  • CompTIA A+

Competitive Achievements

1st Place CPTC Global Finals 2022-2023
2nd Place CCDC Western Regional Invitational 2022-2023
1st Place CPTC Western Regionals 2022-2023
7th Place Hivestorm 2022-2023
1st Place CPTC Global Finals 2021-2022
1st Place CPTC Western Regionals 2021-2022
8th Place CCDC Western Regionals 2021-2022
7th Place CCDC Western Qualifiers 2021-2022
9th Place Hivestorm 2020-2021
9th Place CCDC Western Qualifiers 2020-2021
6th Place Hivestorm 2020-2021
4th Place CyberPatriot Nationals 2019-2020
6th Place CyberPatriot Nationals 2018-2019